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Applicant: RIKO EKOS, industrija ekologi mašino d.o.o.

The operation lasted from 01.05.2022 – 25.10.2023

Total financial value of the project: EUR 1,365,670.00

Amount of EU funding: EUR 499,944.99

“Funded by the European Union – NextGenerationEU”

PROJECT: Our company is engaged in the design and production of waste treatment and recycling systems, both mixed municipal and industrial waste. We are an important manufacturer of any kind of technological equipment in the region, and with our technological solutions and products we contribute to high-quality, efficient and energy-saving solutions in the process of selection, separation and processing of waste raw materials. In this way, we are directly involved in the circular economy system, which is why it is even more important for us to prove to the customer in the local environment, through investments in modern equipment, facilities and energy-saving systems, that even heavy and dirty metal processing can be carried out as an environment and employee-friendly activity.

Diversification and modernization of production is crucial for our company, both for performance and growth, and at the same time a specific and ambitious strategy related to fundamental changes in key production processes and products (especially the development of new ones that do not exist on the market). Diversification also allows us to move away from the single product market, and as a result, it requires us to: expand production, develop the production of new marketable products, provide new services and services that the company did not provide before. It requires precise manufacturing and processing of the material. With the investment, we will be able to significantly change the production process of new products or made the old ones in a way that was not possible for us now, while at the same time they took into account the aspect of economy, energy saving and efficiency.

PURPOSE: The purpose of the investment is the production of a new product through:

– Technological changes in the production process of welding with the process of bending and screwing

– Lower consumption of material by introducing complex 3D bending technology

– Changing the quality of the input material by introducing complex 3D bending technology


1. Reducing electricity consumption by purchasing new and energy-efficient machines.

2. Reduction in the consumption of electricity and process gas due to the transition to bending technology and reduction of the technological process of welding.

3. Purchase of a CNC control machine with the ability to communicate with the software tools of our designers and development engineers.

4. Change in the technological process: transition to intelligent bending of steel instead of making welds from several components welded together.

5. Change of input material where possible: transition from black sheet to galvanized sheet

6. New production facility, with the utilization of heating via excess heat from the paint shop.

7. Reduction of steel consumption in the production of new and existing products.

8. Cost reduction due to lower consumption of zinc in the corrosion protection phase of the product.

9. Fewer emissions for the environment (CO2 footprint) and employees, lower consumption of energy products, shorter production cycles, greater competitiveness

The investment is part of the measures of the plan, which is financed from the noo.gov.si mechanism.

Other news

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At Riko Ekos, we have updated the website, so we are proud to present ourselves in a new online image.
12. Apr
If you want to improve your performance, you will be able to see more electricity from the electricity source through the postal electricity source.


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