Sorting cabins

  • Looking for the simplest method of sorting waste?

The purpose of the sorting cabins is to provide better working conditions for the manual sorting of municipal and industrial wastes or materials that are collected at ecologic sources or in containers/tanks.

SOKA sorting cabin

This sorting cabin is constructed from steel, covered with facade panels that have good thermal insulation properties, and fitted with windows and doors. These attributes together mean simple and cheap maintenance.

Since the cabins are built using panels, you can upgrade them to include a ventilation system, air conditioning, and a dust collection system. You are thus ensured to have a closed system or space that your employees will feel comfortable working in. The boxes under the sorting cabins can be equipped with hatches that increase the capacity of each individual box. The cabin is a closed type, meaning that it prevents the entering of contaminated air.

The advantages of the SOKA cabin are:

  • cabin heating in winter
  • cabin cooling in summer
  • an excellent lighting system that provides sufficient lighting over the conveyor that is passing through the sorting cabin.

Modular construction cabin

These sorting cabins are built modularly, meaning that they can be subsequently upgraded by adding or taking away modules. We have constructed standard modules that can be used to create the complete system depending upon the space you have available and depending upon the types of materials or grades that you plan to sort.

Sortirne kabine


Sortirne kabine


Sortirne kabine


Sortirne kabine